Primera circular will be available in mid-October

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The Florida State Spanish Conference (FSSC) is an academic competition for high school students from across the state of Florida.  In this site you will find all of the necessary information to register your school, all forms and contact information.

Please refer to the link "Events" for a description of competition events and rules for each. Also, follow the "Temas" link for topics for Impromptu Speaking. If the competition falls on an even number year, use the "Años pares" for both the Native and non-native topics. Likewise, if the competition is on an odd number year, follow the link for "Años nones".

CHANGES in competition effective April 2010:

  • 1- maximum of 16 students per school
  • 2- HIGH SCHOOL students in level 1 may now compete
  • 3- Level 1 delegates may compete in all events, see "Event" link for rules on time regarding impromptus and declamations

  • CHANGES in competition effective March 2011:

  • 1- maximum of 6 students per school to present declamations
  • 2- maximum points is 1,000

  • CHANGES in HOTEL effective March 2015:

  • 1- there is a $10 parking fee per car/per day (NOT part of room price NOR amenities package)
  • 2- rooms $135 p/night includes resort fee
  • 3- see 1ra Circular for amenities package included in room price


    The host for the 2016 conference is Michael Hollis-Anand and his school OXBRIDGE ACADEMY from West Palm Beach. 

    Contact Linda Villadóniga  for more information. 

    Conference date: March 10-13, 2016 at the Orlando Wyndham Resorts on International Dr.

    Conference theme:

    I look forward to seeing you there,

    Meruchy Haedo
    President FSSC, Inc.

    Key Dates

    Click on circular for link

    Primera circular (Invitation Letter & School Registration Form): October 12, 2015
    Segunda circular (Information Letter & all Conference & Hotel Registrations Forms): November 12, 2015
    Tercera circular (Confirmation Letter & Banquet Form): January 12, 2016

    Conferencia 2016:

    • When: 10-13 March, 2016
    • Where: Orlando Wyndham Resorts, International Drive
    • Price: $135 p/night 4pp includes Resort Fee
      • FSSC Fees:

      • School Registration: $100
      • Conference Fee: $60 p/student & teacher; $70 p/chaperone


    "All Americans should be proficient in at least one language and culture in addition to English. To realize this vision, foreign language education must be part of the core curriculum at all levels and be treated as central to the education of all learners. In this context, foreign language educators must find unity of purpose and take needed action to create a recognized professional status." -Adopted by ACTFL Executive Council September 1997-

    Fssc, Inc Officers

    President: Meruchy Haedo
    Eastside HS

    Vice-President: Ana Journey
    Buchholz HS

    Secretary: Linda Villadóniga
    St. Augustine

    Treasurer: Alejandro Avendaño
    Newberry HS